Informazioni societarie

Bhblasted Srl

The latest revision date: April 2022

  • company name: bhblasted
  • Website :
  • constitutive act: established in Caserta on 22/09/2016 at the notarial study Vincenzo Di Caprio, Corso Trieste, 83, 81100 Caserta Ce.
  • Share capital: See the Vistura of the Company Register
  • registered office: nola (na) cis, island 4
    tower 4 snc cap 80035
  • VAT number: 08466861211
  • Tax code: 08466861211
  • SDI code: m5uxcr1
  • Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts and
    Agriculture of Naples:
  • PEC address:
  • Telephone: 081 826 9064
  • REA Code: na - 960178
  • activities carried out and development expenses:

    retail trade of non -food products via the Internet such as: sale of clothing and accessories, gadgets and covers; See the Company Registry View for more info.

  • Social object: See the Imprese Register View for more details
  • Activities and development expenses: See the View of the Business Register for more details
  • Invitations: See the View of the Company Register for more details
  • List of Private Rights on Intellectual Property: Business brand (Blowhammer) number 302017000150025 filed the 03/01/2018. r self -storage of the processor program: "Magento Connector".
  • Budget: consult the financial statements for details.